Meet Our Relief Veterinarians

We are fortunate to have four highly skilled, deeply experienced and extremely personable relief veterinarians available to fill in for our doctors any time they need to be away from the office.

If their names and faces seem familiar, it’s because with their help, we’ve been able to continue serving patients and clients without missing a beat through three maternity leaves as well as a number of staff transitions and continuing education conferences.

Just because they’re not on fixed schedules, we still consider our relief vets an indispensable part of our team! If you’d like to know more about them, keep reading!

Emily Anderson, DVM

Emily Anderson received her Bachelor’s of Animal Science degree from Penn State University in 2003. In 2007, she earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine.

Emily Anderson, DVM
Emily Anderson, DVM, and her cat

Before moving to Indiana, Dr. Anderson enjoyed working at several small animal/exotics clinics in Pennsylvania and Virginia.  She has particular interests in management of chronic diseases in cats and dogs and preventive medicine.

Although we care exclusively for cats and dogs at Brownsburg Animal Clinic, Dr. Anderson loves working with non-traditional pets such as rabbits, rats, ferrets, turtles and tortoises–to name a few.  She developed this interest by caring for her own non-traditional pets and by working at numerous zoos, including the Indianapolis Zoo.

Jeff Klemens, DVM

Jeff Klemens is a 2005 graduate of the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine and a classmate of Dr. Brady’s.

Jeff Klemens, DVM

Dr. Klemens spent his first eight years working at two multi-doctor small-animal clinics in North Central Indiana. He left daytime practice in 2013 and worked five years in emergency medicine and critical care. At that time, he also began providing long- and short-term relief coverage for several small animal practices.

In February 2018, he started Reliable Relief Services, LLC, and is now a full-time relief veterinarian in the Indianapolis area. As a relief veterinarian, he works in clinics that range from single doctor to multi-doctor specialty practices, in both rural and urban settings, with clientele from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. His full-time and relief work for multiple practices with very progressive standards of care, along with his years of full-time emergency work, have prepared him well for caring for our patients.

Stephany Griggers, DVM

Stephany Griggers, DVM

Stephany Griggers was born a California girl, but she grew up in the deep South—primarily in Louisiana.

After graduating from Newcomb College, Tulane University with a BS in biology and a minor in psychology she attended Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine, graduating in 1995.

Dr. Griggers practiced in Florida from 1995-2002 when she moved to Indianapolis to be near her father.

She has a passion for cooking and baking as well as travel and would love to live in southern Africa on safari or in the Bahamas with the dolphins.

Patricia Neyenhaus, DVM

Patricia Neyenhaus is a 2004 graduate of Purdue’s School of Veterinary Medicine. She worked in small animal general practice in Columbus, Indiana, for three and a half years, followed by six years of service at an emergency referral clinic in Indianapolis.

Patricia Neyenhaus, DVM

Since 2014, she has done relief work. She also works part-time at a clinic in downtown Indianapolis.

Dr. Neyenhaus is married with three children and shares her household with a golden-doodle named Hagrid, two cats named Gryffindor and Hufflepuff and a guinea pig named Violet.

She has worked with exotics and is trained in acupuncture. After-hours, she enjoys hiking and camping, reading and gardening.

What a Relief!

We feel so fortunate to have these capable doctors available to supplement the care we provide our patients and clients. We deeply appreciate their help!