Abusive Client Policy

Snarling dog

At Brownsburg Animal Clinic, we have a zero-tolerance policy for abusive behavior by clients.

Among the behaviors we  will not tolerate:

  • Foul or offensive language
  • Hostile verbal attacks
  • Angry outbursts
  • Direct or implied threats to our personal safety
  • Threats to damage our reputation
  • Actual damage to our reputation by low ratings and harshly critical reviews
  • Aggressive or menacing behavior toward people or pets
  • Destruction of property
  • Harassment by repeated visits, calls or messages
  • Any other objectionable behavior that disrupts our business and disturbs our veterinarians, team members, clients and/or patients

Clients who engage in any of these behaviors while on clinic property will be asked to leave immediately.

All veterinarians and team members are authorized to contact law enforcement if necessary to remove a disruptive client from our premises.

Our veterinarians are authorized to terminate the clinic’s relationship with any client who, in their judgment, violates this policy. Copies of the pets’ medical records will be sent immediately to the client’s address on file, and no further services will be offered to the client or members of his or her household.