Blood Testing Policies

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For all our patients, we recommend  basic blood tests as part of the regular annual wellness exam. If recent test results are not available, we may require blood testing before putting your pet under anesthesia for a surgical or dental procedure.

In a healthy pet, these tests establish a baseline we can refer to as normal for that particular animal. In pets with emerging health issues, these tests can reveal abnormalities and problems that would be impossible to detect any other way.

For pets receiving ongoing treatment using drugs such as NSAIDs, phenobarbital, prednisone or thyroid supplements, we require a twice-yearly Chem 10 lab test which, as the name suggests, measures 10 different chemistry levels in your pet’s blood to indicate liver and kidney function, blood sugar and protein levels. For pets taking Lasix or those already diagnosed with kidney disease, we add an electrolyte test panel.

Our doctors will be happy to offer a full explanation and answer any questions you may have about which tests will be ordered, how much the tests cost and how we will use the test results to monitor your pet’s health and guide our treatment plans.

Opting out of medically necessary blood tests will not be an option.