Prescriptions and Refills

We stock many commonly-prescribed drugs in our in-house pharmacy and are usually able to send the medicine home with you so the pet can get started on the prescription right away.

From time to time, we may prescribe drugs we have to special-order, causing a delay of a day or two in filling the prescription. We will call you when the prescription is ready for pick-up.

For some prescriptions for drugs we don’t stock in-house, we may send you to a “human” pharmacy to have a prescription filled. In these cases, we will call or fax the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice or, if you prefer, provide a written prescription during the appointment.

Refills Policies

Our policies on refills vary depending on the drug and the condition being treated. We always put our own moral and ethical responsibilities for the pet’s health first and so may insist on an exam and/or screening test before signing off on a refill. In cases where the drug could potentially cause harm or even death to our patient—as with giving heartworm preventive to a pet with an active case of heartworms—we are not willing to risk refilling a prescription without first making sure it’s safe to do so.

24-Hours’ Notice for Refills

We ask for at least 24 hours’ notice on prescription refills and encourage you to keep an eye on your supplies and ask for the refill in plenty of time for a special order, if needed.  Even for drugs we have in stock, on our busier days, we sometimes need the extra time to get your prescription ready. We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.