Information for Clients

Siamese cat lying next to dog

Thank you for choosing Brownsburg Animal Clinic. We welcome you and your pet to our practice!

We are deeply committed to building a healthy, happy relationship with you as we provide the veterinary care your dog or cat needs throughout its life.

Our Best Client Relationships

We have found our best client relationships are characterized by mutual trust, respect and civility shared among all members of the client’s household and all our team members.

Our clients rightfully expect us to provide sound, up-to-date medical advice and treatment options. We, in turn, expect our advice and recommendations to be seriously considered and, whenever possible, heeded.

We encourage open communication with our clients and do our best to answer questions and address concerns with understanding and compassion.

As a general rule, our veterinarians and technicians are unable to diagnose or offer medical advice specific to a particular pet without examining the pet in our clinic. We expect our clients to schedule diagnostic exams and tests when the veterinarian says they’re needed. We also expect clients to follow our recommendations for ongoing preventive or wellness care.

We recognize that the cost of veterinary care is a concern for just about everybody, and we do our best to recommend only essential tests and treatments. We provide written estimates of the costs of any proposed tests for your approval before proceeding, and we are happy to explore with you the pros and cons of possible testing and treatment options so you can make an informed decision about your pet’s care.

Our Least Successful Client Relationships

We’ve found our least successful relationships have been with clients who:

  • Fail to heed our Abusive Client Policy
  • Refuse to follow our policy for rabies vaccinations
  • Insist that we prescribe medicines and/or approve refills without a timely exam and appropriate tests to confirm the medicine is safe to administer and, in the veterinarian’s professional opinion, the best treatment option
  • Insist that we perform procedures we consider unethical and inhumane, such as declawing cats and cosmetic surgical alterations like tail docking and ear cropping for dogs
  • Have a dangerously aggressive pet we are unable to control safely

In these situations, after due consideration of the individual circumstances, we most often choose to refer the client, as well as all family members and pets living in the client’s household, to another practice.

More Helpful Guidelines for Clients

To help us keep our records current and to learn more about additional policies and guidelines for keeping the clinic safe and running smoothly for you and your pet, please visit these pages:

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