Health Care & Wellness Services

Standing cat sniffing reclining dog's head

As strong advocates of keeping pets healthy and whenever possible, heading off problems before they begin, we strongly recommend annual wellness check-ups for all patients during the first seven years of life.

To get your new puppy or kitten off to a good start, we conduct a thorough physical exam and worm check on your first visit. When you return for booster vaccines and a heartworm check, we provide a physical exam, too, and we encourage you to continue with annual exams to keep your pet healthy for life.

We recommend twice-yearly wellness exams and appropriate health screening tests for patients seven years old and older. These screening tests for aging pets help us detect many common diseases in their earliest stages and offer you and your pet the best possible chances for enjoying a long, healthy life together.

In addition to wellness examinations and health screening tests, we provide these veterinary services to dogs and cats at all life stages:

  • Preventive medicine and vaccinations
  • Internal medicine—cardiology, endocrinology, ophthalmology
  • General surgery—orthopedics, tumor removal, spay/neuter
  • Dentistry—teeth cleaning, oral surgery
  • Microchipping and scanning
  • Laboratory—diagnostic and health screening tests
  • Radiology—x-rays, diagnostic contrast procedures
  • Pharmacy—prescription drugs, parasite prevention and control products, nutrition supplements, other pet health care products
  • Nutrition Counseling—life stage and prescription diets
  • Behavior Counseling—house training, behavior modification, referrals
  • Nail trims and anal gland expression

Should your pet become ill or injured, we take special care to make an accurate diagnosis–the critical first step in successful management or treatment.

After diagnosis, we explain your pet’s problem to you in detail, as well as the pros and cons of the various treatment options, so you can make an informed decision about how you’d like us to proceed.

Should your pet require surgery, we use only the safest anesthetics and monitor your pet closely according to the highest standards of veterinary care.

Our goal is to help you and your pet enjoy a happy, healthy life together for as long as possible.

Specialized Care

We maintain working relationships with a number of qualified veterinary specialists in the greater Indianapolis area. Should your pet require specialized care, we are happy to refer you to a qualified colleague.

Emergency Care

If your pet experiences a medical emergency during our office hours, call our office immediately. We may ask you to bring your pet to the clinic right away, or we may recommend going straight to an emergency clinic. Whether we see you or refer you out depends on the nature of the emergency, the potential treatment needed, how busy we already are that day, and the hours to closing.

We understand these referrals can be upsetting to clients who are worried about their pet’s condition and depending on us to provide the necessary care.  Be assured, our first and foremost concern is always to see that our patients receive the care they need in the timeliest manner.

Daytime and after-hours emergency clinics are listed in the right sidebar on all pages of our site.