Our Triage System

Cat standing on hind legs playing with puppy lying on its back

We manage our clinic work flow using a triage (pronounced “tree-ahzh”) system, allowing us to address, in order, the most urgent medical problems before less urgent or routine issues.

Scheduled procedures and appointments are routinely our highest priorities; however, medical emergencies receive highest priority treatment. We set aside specific times for surgeries and dental cleanings and see patients visiting the clinic by appointment only. We also set aside a number of open appointment slots each day to care for sick pets when they need us.

We send the samples we collect for laboratory tests ordered during an in-office visit to the lab—either in-house or outside, depending on the test—for immediate processing. We typically receive results quickly, and the veterinarians use our triage system to manage their workflows as they review and interpret test results—giving the more urgent, potentially serious medical cases priority over the more routine.

In many cases, test results within normal ranges can be reviewed and interpreted fairly quickly. In other cases, test results beyond normal ranges may indicate a complete medical records review and additional research by the veterinarian before diagnosis and treatment recommendations can be made. This more complex analysis takes place as time permits during the doctor’s workday, and either a team member or the veterinarian will contact the client to report findings as soon as they are available—normally within three to five days.

Clients dropping off stool and urine samples for testing and those requesting prescription refills are served as the level of urgency indicates and time permits.