Fees and Charges

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We set fees for our services and prices for drugs and merchandise at fair and reasonable levels. Your doctor will be happy to discuss our fee schedule and pricing with you and provide an estimate of total costs for any procedure your pet may require.

Fees are payable at the time we provide our services. We prepare your bill for payment at the end of each appointment.

See our blog post concerning required advance payments by new clients.

If your pet is admitted for treatment, we may require a deposit at check-in. We present your final bill when you come to pick up your pet.

We accept cash, personal checks and major credit cards.


We do not offer payment plans, but we do accept CareCredit. To find out more and apply for a CareCredit card, please visit https://www.carecredit.com/apply/. Please note, a $5 transaction fee will be applied to CareCredit charges of less than $50.

Articles About Pet Care Costs

We post articles about pet care costs regularly on our blog. For your convenience, we’ve created a dedicated “Pet Care Costs” category you may use to display these posts on a single page.

Our 5-Part Pet Insurance Series

We believe pet insurance is a good option to help you reduce the impact of financial considerations on major, possibly urgent veterinary care decisions you may face in the future impacting the pet you love. We created a 5-part blog post series to help you understand basic pet insurance concepts and how to shop for the best policy for your pet.

Our ‘Financial Resources’ Page

We maintain a “Financial Resources” page on our website where we share links to charities offering financial aid to owners unable to pay for their pets’ veterinary care. There are also links to crowd-funding websites where you can create and post your own fund-raising campaign.