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Steady As We Go With COVID Precautions

We are—for now—continuing the policies we implemented last June 1 when we welcomed clients back into our exam rooms. Here’s a reminder of the basic protocol:

  • Call the front desk at (317) 852-3323 when you arrive in our parking lot for your appointment.*
  • If you want to come inside with your pet, a team member will come out and escort you into the building, straight to an exam room.
  • Please plan on having no more than two people come in with your pet.**
  • We will be wearing masks and maintaining a safe distance from you throughout your visit.
  • Regardless of your vaccine status, we expect you to wear a mask covering your nose and mouth all the time you’re in our building.
  • Once you’re in the exam room, we ask you to remain seated.
  • Check-out will happen in the exam room.

*Forgot your cell phone? Please come knock on the front door when you arrive.

**Euthanasia appointments can be an exception to the two-person-inside rule, should more than two members of your family wish to be present. Just tell us how many will be coming inside when you call to let us know you’ve arrived.

Curbside service is still an option for those of you who prefer to wait in your cars while we take your pet inside for examination, diagnosis and treatment.

Curbside service is the only option for clients who are unwilling to wear a mask while inside our building.

We are also relying exclusively on curbside service for technician appointments and food and prescription pick-ups.

We appreciate your continuing cooperation!